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MSVP Services specializes in private parties and events.We know each event has its own unique requirements and we have the expertise and resources to make each event a huge success.

We work closely with each vendor to ensure smooth operation from set-up to completion. Further, if conditions warrant it, MSVP will obtain off-site parking and shuttles to quickly get guests to and from any event.

MSVP’s commitment to property owners, agents, and managers is to add value to the property through properly operating, accurately billing, and collecting of revenues while maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses.


  • Office Parks and Buildings.
  • Parking Lots.
  • Retail and Commercial Shopping Centers.
MSVP offers shuttle service in conjunction with your event or by itself. We operate a variety of vehicles including golf cars, 7-passenger vans, 15-passenger vans, 24-passenger buses or full size luxury coaches.

MSVP has the resources to take care of all municipal permitting, including business licenses, encroachment permits, meter-use permits, installing temporary “No Parking” signs, and full or partial street closures.

MSVP will provide all necessary signage and equipment needed for the event

Our service will:

  • Improve traffic flow and operating efficiency.
  • Assist guests in promptly getting to their destination.
  • Maximize available parking space.
  • Add prestige to any event.

M & S Valet Parking Services specializes in valet operation and parking management in Southern California.Our operations conform to the highest industry and hospitality standards on a consistent basis.

MSVP has successfully operated a variety of parking disciplines such as hotels, commercial buildings, medical facilities, retail centers, restaurants, night clubs, studios, and special events with intense valet demands. Our management team consists of highly trained parking professionals with decades of parking experience to provide solutions to all parking demands. We offer a reliable and fully trained staff of parking supervisors and uniformed valet parking management attendants for any event. MSVP will provide all necessary signage and equipment needed for the event.

Our valet parking operations include:

  • Hotels
  • Special Events
  • Restaurants and Private Clubs
  • Retail Centers
  • Studio Lots
  • Country Clubs

M&S Valet Parking Services specializes in:

  • Creating a safe work environment.
  • Delivering Class A customer service and attention to detail.
  • Providing outstanding operational approach.
  • Exemplary financial responsibility on a consistent basis.

M&S Valet Parking is a proud partner of:

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